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What is it?

Even if you haven’t a specific injury or health issue, many of our clients like to visit us regularly as a form of maintenance for their general health and wellbeing. A full body “MOT” if you will. Instead of waiting for something to break down, keep it topped up with the best holistic care that we provide.


Or if you originally came to us to treat a specific issue, perhaps you now find that regular “top ups” are the perfect way to maintain your recovery and ongoing comfort.


Life can be stressful and throw a number of curve balls at us, so it’s always a pleasure to have something consistent that helps to rebalance us. Ongoing therapy of any kind is a preferred and chosen method for many of our clients who like to come in to switch off, have us take care of them, and leave feeling revived and able to cope with the world once more.


Our therapies are as beneficial for mental health as they are for physical, so never be afraid to take some time for yourself and indulge in some much-needed self-care. You are the most important thing to yourself, because if you aren’t in prime condition, how can you benefit those you care about in life to the full?


Give us a call to discuss with your practitioner whether a Penn-ultimate treatment would be right for you.

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